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We will create the company receiving

the world’s attentin based on trust.


Jong Sung, Kim.

Based on the management philosophy of 3C (Collaboration, Creation and Customer satisfaction), SHL Co., Ltd. was established in 1971. SHL is a living witness of Korea’s industry modernization and has maintained its status as the nation’s leading lubricant company. Through different degrees of success and failure, SHL has been making constant efforts in developing its own independent technology for metal working oils, rolling oils, industrial oils, synthetic oils and many other chemicals. SHL Co., Ltd. established itself as a specialized-company for aluminum rolling oils and an early leader in the industry by succeeding with the domestic production of aluminum cold rolling oils. SHL is currently exporting products to over 10 different countries and is looking to reach new levels through marketing of its metal working oil technology to various Southeast Asian countries. Through ‘the second foundation’ in 2015, SHL Co., Ltd. is preparing for the next 50 years. / We are strengthening our competiveness by incorporating values of ‘Autonomy’, ‘Rationality’ and ‘Responsibility’, while promoting a culture of sharing and lateral communication. In addition, we are focusing on the research and development of environment-friendly products in an effort to form a happy technological society. Furthermore, with the completion of the Ulsan Factory No.2 in 2016, we have successfully laid a foundation for providing better customer service. Following the new trend of change and innovation, SHL Co., Ltd. has incorporated a ‘Lubrication 1 STOP’ service which covers development, production, marketing, B/S(Before Sales Service), A/S(After Sales Service) and environment-friendly waste treatment. Based on ‘Trust’ the executives and staff members of SHL will continue to do their best in transforming the company into a global leader. SHL Co., Ltd. is always ready to help its valued customers.