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SHL Co., Ltd. is the new name for Samhwa Lube Oil Co., Ltd.
which has been the proud leader of Korea’s lubricant oil
industry over the last 50 years


SHL Co., Ltd. inherits the qualities of Samhwa Lubricants [Samhwa Lube Oil Co., Ltd.]
and incorporates a management philosophy of ‘the three components of the universe (三才): SKY(天), HUMAN(人), LAND(地),’
or in other words, the spirit of balance and harmony. The company logo of SHL Co., Ltd. symbolizes the promise hand sign and
also represents the ascendance of the ‘three components of the universe (三才)’.
The color of ‘GREEN’ represents the public good, environmental friendliness and human-centric qualities of SHL Co., Ltd.

Introduction of CI

As the meaning of ‘Trust in SHL’, the design of CI emphasizes faith and trust.
Trust has the same meaning with promise.
It can remind us of the promising gestures with the thumb(green) folded and pinkie(blue) raised.
Folded green shape of the right side has the meaning of spreading throughout the world.
The shadow under the symbol contains the image of the rise and leap..
The three figures of the symbol ‘SHL’ respectively contain the meaning of sky, human and land.